• it felt good to see the bigger me

  • an art not community project, but community was one effect of the art

  • pleasant persistence, joyful outcomes

  • I didn’t see that coming

  • AiR is thinking tangentially

  • those walks opened more than my eyes

  • you found the magic that we didn’t know was here

  • I’m not sure where else I have the luxury of listening like this

  • a delicious moment of radical openness

  • being in a place one knows earlier, later, longer than customary

  • an ethical position suggested in secular acts

  • politely defiant – never anarchy but never business as usual either

  • a jolt, a space, a small adventure

  • little fissures in the everyday run of things

  • a new space for relating to somebody who I might never have met

  • along with football and the weather, art is the best way to talk to people

  • Loudmouth, Sophie Hoyle, 2010
  • Proposal for a Palm Tree, Dmitri Galitzine, 2018 © Magda Fabianczyk
  • Escape Into Archway, Diana Smith, 2009 © Rowan Durrant
  • Silent Footnotes, Tilly Fowler & Anna Hart, 2016 © Lou Macnamara
  • I'll Pick You Up After Lunch, Unannounced Acts of Publicness, Georgia Gendall & Jo Scandrett, 2015 © Antonio Sansica
  • PACK_ITON, AiR, 2018 © Magda Fabianczyk
  • Pass On, Tidal Twirlings, Freddie Opoku-Addaie , 2016 ©Lou Macnamara

AiR makes art in the everyday – bringing landscapes, people, and ideas into productive collision – prompting surprising encounters, conversations, and actions in a local. 

AiR curates an art of publicness – a dance on a floodwall, a play in a café, a tree on wheels, a poem in a bowling alley, a song in a subway.

AiR are spatial practitioners – artists, architects, dancers, musicians, writers – valuing embodied experience and prioritising movement.

Since 2007 we have worked with individuals, local authorities, education, housing, transport and community organisations to realise over four hundred public artworks alongside walks, exhibitions, festivals, talks, screenings, symposiums, academic and life-long learning projects, digital and print publications.

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Thank you to our partners and funders including Arts Council England, London Borough of Enfield, London Borough of Islington, London Borough of Newham, London Borough of Haringey, Transport for London, Hyde Housing Group, National Lottery Heritage Fund, National Lottery Awards for All, University of the Arts London. AiR was established as an independent community interest company in 2016 following eight years as a research studio within Central Saint Martins. Registered as AiRing CIC Company number 10155833 Directors Margot Bannerman, Anna Hart, Rakhee Jasani.

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