Superannuates and Tenderfeet

The unlikeliness of us.

The Superannuates and Tenderfeet were a group of nine CSM fine art students and nine members of AgeUK Islington art groups who worked in pairs over three months to explore their art practices and a changing local. The project concluded with an exhibition in the Conway Hall Library in May 2016.

The Superannuates and Tenderfeet are Jesse Butler, Gina Chan, Maureen Coman, Ginny Garmany, Karen Holden, Grace Hinton, Olivia Jerome, Yoon Joo, Sheona Josiah, Zi Liang, Eddie Mence, Jes Oag-Cooper, Raiyo Shroff, Elliot Stew, Michael Taiwo, Helen Waldburger, Matthew Wang, Lene West. The project was a collaboration between BA Fine Art and AgeUK Islington led by Anna Hart, AIR and Andrea Sinclair, AgeUK. We would all like to thank Conway Hall for their generous support.