Mini Residencies

AIR Mini Residencies were two week programmes of intensive research and development alongside talks, walks and tutorials designed to generate proposals for site-based public works by recent UAL Fine Art graduates. The residencies were devised and led by Ruth Ewan and Anna Hart.

Guest speakers: Rachel Anderson, Margot Bannerman, Rosie Cooper, Claire Doherty, Cathy Haynes, Alan Kane, Andrea Schlieker, Rob Tufnell, and Eva Weinmayr.

The AIR Mini Residencies ran from 2010-2013. Please subscribe to our mailing list to keep up-to-date with future AIR opportunities.

2013: Gen Doy, Melissa Fielding, Louise Folliott, Ren Garden, Adam Walker, and Carla Wright.

2012: Stella Aouzounidou, Carol Bliss, Ines Coelho, Oli Cronk, Conall McAteer, Tracey Payne, Cristina Pedreira, Alexander Small, and Serra Tansel.

2011: Rebecca Botros, Dori Deng & Meta Drcar, Xavier Llarch Font, Rosanna Greaves, Christina Hardinge, Thomas Kemp & Michael Doorly, Aram Kim, Rosalie Schweiker, Frances Scott, and Maria Theodoraki.

2010: Niccolo Fano, Sophie Hoyle, Gemma Land, Angel McMahon, Yin Ching Tessa Mo, Sam Mould, Marta Santuccio, Trish Scott, Rosalie Woods, and Madalina Zaharia.