Here in Archway

First year artists research, test and realise collaborative and site responsive artworks in the public or private space of Archway.

An annual teaching project devised by AIR. Participating tutors Margot Bannerman, Ben Cain, Sarah Cole, Mary Evans, Tilly Fowler, Anna Hart, Trevor Shearer. Documented here.

Here in Archway 2010

Here in Archway 2011

Here in Archway 2012

Here in Archway 2013

Here in Archway 2014

Here in Archway exemplifies the ideal of learning through doing due to the thoughtfully constructed stages of the brief. Students are able to experience in a very direct way the dynamics, dilemmas and excitement of working collaboratively and responding to site. The value of familiar art school calls to explore, play, plan, discuss, test, re-test, reflect and so on are made apparent through action during development and realisation rather than through discussion in the abstract. Margot Bannerman, 2010

Considering the street as a studio leads to negotiating context at every step. If the studio is a place where ideas are not only realised through materials but also tested, misunderstood, happened upon, fumbled with, the street-as-studio might place open-ended speculation where it can be affected. Thinking the street as a studio might go hand in hand with a commitment to sharing (meaning enjoying and owning up to-) uncertainty, so that 'things' get done through and because of public exchange. Ben Cain, 2014