A paper reflecting on seven years of staying in Archway.

’Staying’ – a cumulative public practice of working within the everyday realised in careful conversation with a place and with the people that are local to it. I have, to date, identified two types of staying – as the ‘hosted stayer’ and as the ‘settler stayer’: ‘hosted staying’ is what we have practiced in Archway, and this appears to be the prevalent form of artist-led staying here in the UK.

Here is my first attempt at a diagram of a field of practice called staying. It feels rather calculated and cold at the moment. When I drew it I said outloud, ‘where is the pleasure, the delight, the grief?’ The next step is to develop it into a more complex multi-layered thing which can accommodate emotion, scale and fluidity.

For In Certain Place’s Art of Dwelling in April 2015.