Tidal Twirlings

A project made with, on, and for, Mud Island - an isolated neighbourhood in the Royal Docks. Tidal Twirlings sought to open up possibilities, to precipitate surprise, delight and public luxury, and to make North Woolwich more visible both to itself and beyond.

Tidal Twirlings was commissioned by London Borough of Newham with support from Arts Council England. The commissioned artists were Dmitri Galitzine, Amina Gichinga, Lucy Joyce, Freddie Opoku-Addaie, Janette Parris, Alex Schady, public works.

Five residents worked with AIR to develop the project as the North Woolwich Curators Club. Open mic nights in a bowling club, a cafe, and two community centres – the ‘elemental nights’ – began the exploration of the place with poems, talks, and performances by residents and invited guests from beyond. Artists were commissioned to make new works with people living and working in North Woolwich - a dance duet, a comic book, a singing group, and sculptural interventions - a ship, a river, a tower block drawing and a rolling star. The project concluded with with these works revealed across the island as the North Woolwich Art Festival. A weekly walking group was established at the beginning and continues after we have left.

Tidal Twirlings Bookshelf as suggested by the artists (North Woolwich Library 2016)

‘A Choreographer’s Handbook’ Jonathan Burrows (2010) (Freddie Opoku-Addaie)
‘The London Open 2015’ Whitchapel Gallery (2015) (Lucy Joyce)
‘The Frozen Thames’ Helen Humphreys (2007) (public works)
‘The Best of Janette Parris’ Autograph ABP (2002) (Janette Parris)
‘Concrete Island’ J G Ballard (1974) (Alex Schady)
‘The Long Walk to Freedom’ Nelson Mandela (1994) (Amina Ginchinga)
‘The Old Man and the Sea’ Ernest Hemingway (1952) (Dmitri Galitzine)