Everything Must Go

Thomas Brothers' generous advice and manifold goods helped build, fix, and maintain countless artworks and houses in and beyond Archway for ninety-seven years. Everything Must Go was an exhibition of artworks made by their customers to mark the closure of Thomas Brothers in May 2014, and to say thank you.

Artists: Tessa Baird & Jane Cheadle, Margot Bannerman, David Barrett, Olivia Bax, Sam Blunden, Inês Coelho, Jean-Philippe Dordolo, Rob Drugan, Rosie Edwards, Mary Evans, Magda Fabianczyk, Tilly Fowler, Deb Froome, Mir Gwilliam-Parkes, Anna Hart, Lynn Hewett, Eva Jokhova, Anna Macdonald, Roman Manfredi, Shelagh McCarthy, Tomas Percival, Kit Poulson, Ellie Rees, Alex Schady, Jessica Scott, Zuky Serper, Nicola Shilcock, Diana Smith, Jo Taylor, Ross Taylor & Madalina Zaharia, Jeremy Till & Sarah Wigglesworth, Jamie Wagg, Jane Watt, Rosalie Woods. Organisers: Tilly Fowler and Anna Hart. Graphic design: Sam Blunden

The works were placed by the artists within a certain moment of the emptying shelves. Over the next three weeks the bothers chose to continue the exhibition. It took various forms as they moved the works around their dwindling stock, eventually placing them all together in the central window. The artworks were bequeathed to the Thomas family.

‘Have you got any of those things, you know, adjustable things with little screws where you can hang something on a cable or rope and move it up and down… is there some kind of glue, for everything really – rubber, metal and straw and stuff – strong, really strong, and sets before you know it… I need some of those zippy strip things, I wish I knew what they were called, where you slot one end in the other and then pull it and it locks but you can pull it back out again if you want… I’m not sure whether this is even possible but maybe you might have an idea… can you paint on this?’ David Barrett