Cally Calls

Cally Calls is a research project and exhibition exploring the Cally.

Team Cally and AIR paired seven artists with people who live and work in the Cally - a postman, a retired solicitor, an unemployed young woman, a playworker, a group of female pensioners, a caretaker, and a cafe owner. The artists and their pairs walked and talked the Cally and considered how a place is defined by the lives lived there. Artworks responding to these conversations were exhibited in a disused shop as part of the Cally Festival in September 2013 and subsequently at Cities Methodologies 2014.

The commissioned artists are Giles Bailey, Margot Bannerman, John Costi, Ruth Ewan, Magda Fabianczyk, Mathilda Fowler and Lee Milne. Cally Calls is a partnership project with Team Cally supported by CreativeWorks.