A Million Minutes

A Million Minutes was an opportunity for artists, dancers, writers, actors, makers and musicians to work with the people and places of Archway and Finsbury Park. AIR was the creative producer and facilitated unexpected public conversations, exchanges and outcomes.

See www.amillionminutes.org for detailed information and the artists' accounts of their processes.

The commissioned artists were Sarah Cole, Frances Scott, Matt Lewis, Madalina Zaharia, Simona Scotto, Ross Taylor and Madalina Zaharia, Rosie Edwards, JOF, Anna Macdonald, Clare Sams, Janine Harrington, Eleanor Meredith, Clare Connors, Jane Cheadle, Ivan Liotchev, All Change, Lucy Harrison, Christine Entwisle, Germander Speedwell, Scarebeus, and Jes Fernie. A Million Minutes was an Islington Council project supported by Arts Council England.