Seven Years in Archway

From 2007-2014 Archway was our frame of reference in the maelstrom of the global everyday. The physical, social, economic, political, historical and mythical of this place provided the raw material for real-time dialogues, exchanges, experiments and interventions. Artists worked on the pavements, in the shops, offices, cafes, pubs, places of worship, homes, parks, alleyways, and in the Archway Mall, with the generous support, encouragement and participation of local people. AIR began in Archway asking ‘what happens when we stay?’ This exhibition brought together a selection of artwork from the seven years, to recall, and reflect, on what happened.

This exhibition was made possible with the generous support of BODE, Archway Town Centre Group, ADI Audiovisual, and Central Saint Martins. It was curated and designed by Tilly Fowler & Anna Hart with graphic design by Sam Blunden.

A programme of free events invites our collaborators, neighbours and partners to consider what happened when AIR stayed.

Thursday 2nd October Parts Per Million Book Launch
Friday 3rd October Sarah Cole Care Package
Saturday 4th October Mary George Archway Marathon
Sunday 5th October Rowan Durrant Superfix artist walk
Tuesday 7th October Staying - a symposium
Friday 10th October A Public Reflection
Saturday 11th October Kat Buchanan I want to hold your hand, Rosalie Woods Wing Sequin Cherry Stone, Ruth Maclennan Reading Aloud

A daily communication Memo was sent by Tilly Fowler & Anna Hart to Luminous Books for immediate exhibition in the Lethaby Gallery, CSM.