Cocheme Fellowships

The Cocheme Charitable Trust funded annual artist fellowships at the Byam Shaw School of Art, Central Saint Martins from 2003-2014. From 2007-2014 the Cocheme fellows worked with AIR in the neighbourhoods around the college, and contributed hugely to our understanding of ‘staying’ and the development of the studio. We are extremely grateful to the trustees for their generous support.

2013/14 Jamie George, Becky Shaw, Rehana Zaman
2012/13 Kelly Large, Kate Owens, Matt Lewis
2011/12 Andrew Dodds, Duncan McAfee, Corinna Till
2010/11 Alex Baker, Mel Brimfield, Michael McMillan
2009/10 Edwina Ashton, Marica Farquhar, Kit Poulson
2008/09 Mary George, Judy Price, Aaron Williamson
2007/08 Richard Couzins, Ruth Ewan, Laurence Kavanagh, Janette Parris