The last day of May

Wednesday 31 May 2017 5-7pm, Brushfield Street E1 6AN (opp Bishopsgate Institute side entrance)

Last day of May is a live twitter reading made in response to the general election in collaboration with Magda Fabianczyk.

Social media can be an echo chamber where we hear and communicate with people with whom we already have much in common, and do not encounter those who might challenge our assumptions/ ignorance/ misunderstandings. This public reading attempts to complicate election echoes and broaden conversations on a street corner that already holds many actions and intentions, a place of to-ing and fro-ing of tourists, office workers, and other Londoners where the wealthiest London borough (City of London) shares a boundary with one of the poorest (Tower Hamlets).

Silent Passages
Saturday 10 June 2017 2.06-3.06 pm

Separating North Woolwich and Woolwich is a place where people have crossed the River Thames for more than a thousand years – an interruption in the pace of the city, an anomaly in the network, a public thinking space. Silent Passages is a walk in, on, through, and around this place of in-between, a somatic consideration of the poetic and material everyday, and the local and geopolitical conditions of crossings.

Meet under the last tree on Hare Street SE18 (junction with Woolwich High Street & opposite entrance to Woolwich Waterfront Leisure Centre). Please book a place here.

This new silent walk is for ANTI-UNIVERSITY.

Sunday 18 June 2017 12pm
Meet at 382 Caledonian Road, London N1 1DY

A new choreographed silent walk by Anna Hart, a somatic consideration of separation, made for Sarah Wigglesworth Architect’s Unlocking Pentonville.

Please book here.