What happens when we stay? ¹

AIR practices an art of publicness, making space for the unexpected, unanticipated, and unknown in the everyday life of Londoners, responding intimately to local places and the people who live and work there. It brings landscapes, people and ideas into productive collision, to prompt new encounters, conversations, and actions.

AIR is an independent community interest company trading as AIRing CIC.

¹ remain, linger, root, persist, pause (to stop temporarily and remain, as if reluctant to leave), return.

AIR introduces artists into the conversations, institutions and situations of the everyday, and encourages them to explore and test ideas without a definite outcome in mind, to respond to the visible and invisible qualities and predicaments of the local, and to engage in a dynamic exchange with the people living and working in a place. Research, development and outcomes are artist-led, on-going, public, and overlapping. We mind about proximity, trust, pauses, complex subjectivities and narratives, uncertainty, and public luxury.

AIR is located in the very local but cooperates nationally and internationally.

AIR has received project funding from Arts Council England, London Borough of Islington, London Borough of Newham, London Borough of Haringey, Transport for London, Hyde Housing Group, Cocheme Charitable Trust, Henry Moore Foundation, Mayors Outer London Fund, Cyprus High Commission, University of the Arts London and Creativeworks. The studio was founded at Central Saint Martins with core funding from Higher Education Innovation Fund in 2007. We were hosted and supported by the college until June 2016 and retain close links through teaching and collaboration.

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Photographs on this website are copyright of the artists, AIR and the following photographers: Miles Umney (A real job is to make something), (Andrew Christy (Tidal Twirlings), (Lou Macnamara (Tidal Twirlings, Silent Footnotes), Rowan Durrant (Big Rock Candy Fountain, Trip the Light Fantastic, Escape into Archway), Seb Lynch (A Million Minutes), Davide Maoine (How to Make Archway Tower Disappear), Antonio Sansica (Unannounced Acts of Publicness), Alex Du Preez (We were real pirates), Steve White (The Lonely House).